Sense of Responsibility is an integral and fundamental part of the municom Corporate Culture and a decisive factor in determining our actions. We set the highest ethical standards for ourselves to meet our social and legal responsibilities.

One main reason for municom`s outstanding reputation results from the fact that our conduct is based on the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  The municom Code of Conduct builds on proven rules and principles which we adhere to since a long time. Our customers, the manufacturers whom we represent as well as our employees rely on it. We, therefore, are uncompromising with respect to the compliance and enforcement of these rules.

The compliance with this Code of Conduct is the personal responsibility of each employee at municom, regardless of his function and place of work. The personal integrity of each and every one is a crucial factor and the foundation for our rules of conduct.

We thank our employees for the adherence to the municom Code of Conduct in their everyday work and for contributing their share to the success of municom.


Code of Conduct


Social Responsibility

Compliance with the applicable laws
We comply with all applicable local, national and international laws.

Human Rights
We uphold and protect human rights as a permanent fixture of our corporate culture.

Environmental Protection, Physical Health & Occupational Safety
We consider environmental protection, health and occupational safety as key elements of our social responsibility.

Product Safety
We market products from manufacturers who, to the best of our knowledge, meet the relevant safety standards of the respective countries of origin.

Dealings with political Institutions & Government Agencies
We maintain an appropriate and legally unobjectionable relationship with government and regulatory agencies.


Conduct in the Work Place

Trust & Respect
We treat each other with respect and trust.  We provide a work environment which is devoid of discrimination and mobbing.

Open Dialog
We encourage our employees, to discuss issues open-mindedly and without fear of reprisals. Employees, who, in good faith, express reservations concerning transactions within the company, will not suffer any consequent disadvantages.

Data Privacy Protection
We act in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations when we collect, store and process or transmit personal data and information.

Handling of Company Assets
We handle company assets and other property holdings belonging to the company with care und use them only for their intended purposes.

Conflicts of Interest
We create transparency concerning possible or actual conflicts of interest and solve them without delay.


Financial Transactions & Reporting

Financial Integrity & Fight against Fraud
We conduct our business, the retention of records as well as financial reporting according to the rules and in a transparent manner.

Protection against Corruption & Bribery
We do not engage in any variation of illegal businesses such as corruption, bribery or slush money payments.

Gifts & Invitations
We are committed to transparency with respect to giving or receiving business gifts and invitations to ensure the conformance with company guide lines, industry standards and applicable law.


Media & Technology

Protection of Intellectual Property
We respect and protect all forms of intellectual property.

Usage & Security of IT-Systems
We use the IT-systems provided by our company, for the purpose of fulfilling our tasks and we contribute to the protection of these systems and equipment against internal and external misuse.

Confidentiality & Public Relations
We protect confidential information about the company, products and services as well as any other sensitive data against unauthorized disclosure and improper use.

Claims about Products & Services
In our sales and marketing efforts, we refrain from knowingly stating misleading or false information about the products we sell and services we offer.

municom GmbH                                                                                                    Juli 2020

You can download this statement here as PDF.